Just to be clear about our founding and what Loki us about read on...

Loki was created by two outdoor-minded brothers from Colorado. Dirk and Seth Anderson had a vision while climbing 14,000’ foot high peaks in 1990.  The weather changed dramatically from bitter cold to warm, to blizzard, then warm again. They longed for gear that would adapt to conditions while being simply designed.  To meet this versatile desire the Loki hat was developed and patented in 1997.  The Loki is much more than a hat.  It is able to quickly change from a warm hat, open at the top to vent, or wear as a headband or ponytail, pull down to wear as facemask or lower as a neck warmer.  It holds its good looks in every mode, and works with a single drawstring adjustment. 

The Anderson brothers continued creating multi-functional outdoor clothing that makes winter safe and fun in the mountains, at work and play.  In 2003 Loki designed jackets with built-in hand and face warmth, always ready to take on high mountains or daily adventure.  The goal is to have more function and value with less gear to buy or carry.    

In 2005 the Anderson brothers summited 20,320 foot tall Mount McKinley in Denali National Park.  The Loki Mitt™, Loki Faceshield™ and new N_Pac™ designs were tested for a month with total success and safety.Many passionate people contributed to Loki’s growth for many years.

Many customers have shared Loki with family and friends.  Loki is a mindset and a movement.  Loki unleashes creativity and breaks barriers to solve outerwear problems in out of the box ways. 

Our customers would say Loki gear makes them ready to handle daily lifestyle with warmth, confidence and simplicity.  Loki continues to evolve its gear and business practice to be ready to do more with less.  

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